Figuring out what is needed together.

When selecting our projects, we apply three main goals: Connecting people and goals, Stimulating acceptance and integration, Sharing knowledge and resources.

With these goals as starting point, 31 DDSF-projects have started in Surinam, Kenya, Uganda, and Thailand. Central to every project is the personal contact at the location. Obviously with the children and the professionals, but we also invest a lot in contact with the families and caretakers. We invite professionals and families to exchange experiences, to figure out together what is needed, and how DDSF can contribute. We give workshops, go to work practically at schools, organise family meetings at our centres or visit families at home. Thanks to FaceTime and Skype we can also keep up the personal contact as well as contact with the parents from our base in the Netherlands. This interaction is valuable; smaller and bigger problems as well as questions are discussed. We keep informing and stimulating each other.

Connecting people and goals

Many parents and care givers who are active in underprivileged regions for their children or for children with Down syndrome have wishes and dreams. Unfortunately, a network for them to realise these is lacking. DDSF connects people and goals. 

Stimulating acceptance and integration

Children and adults with the Down syndrome often lead withdrawn lives in our project countries. Some are hidden away. They don’t have daily activities and have either no or barely any contact with their surroundings. DDSF is committed to create a visible place for them in society.

Sharing knowledge and resources

In so many places around the world little to nothing is known about Down syndrome, which has devastating consequences. DDSF chooses each of its project locations with great care. By sharing our knowledge, experience and teaching materials we are able to make the difference for our target group.