A visible place in society.

Our children get chances, so should they!

All people, children and adults, have the right to a visible and respectful place in society. Also people with Down syndrome can and want to develop and to be a part of society.

Fortunately, in the Netherlands we know this. But in quite some countries little is known about the syndrome of Down, which results in people with this condition often unfairly receiving little to know attention. Dutch Down Support Foundation wants people with Down syndrome, their families and caretakers to have a share in the knowledge, experience and resources which have become standard in the Netherlands. Our first project started in 2005 in and around the city of Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand. By now, we have projects in Kenya, Uganda and Surinam and we are also busy with the start of a beautiful project in Sri Lanka.

Our mission

In the Netherlands, a lot has been happening around the syndrome of Down for several decades now. Foundation Downsyndroom, ‘De Upside van Down’, ‘VIM’, and Foundation Scope contribute to a positive adjustment of our perspective about living with the syndrome of Down. Also, on the tv and in the media there is a lot of positive attention. Development methods have been created, and in the Dutch Downteams a lot of different medical disciplines work together with one another, advancing the necessary specific medical care.
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How do we achieve that?

DDSF shares knowledge in experience from parent to parent, from caregiver to caregiver, from teacher to teacher. We give workshops at location and get to work practically with the children at school and at home. In this way we bring theory into practice and offer customised help.
Hereafter many more steps follow with which we achieve our goals. Click on the button beneath to read the full article about our approach at DDSF.
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Our dream 

It’s our dream to shine a bright light globally, on children and adults with the syndrome of Down, just like it shines on any other. Don’t look at what can’t be done but show and let them experience what is possible. To start and stay in conversation with parents, teachers, family, caregivers, and of course those with Down syndrome in an approachable way. From person to person, from family to family, at location or at a distance. Thanks to the technique of for example FaceTime and Youtube. It would be beautiful if we could spread knowledge and experience like an oil stain so that the ignorance disappears and makes place for a hopeful perspective.

About us

Antoinette van Gerven – Treasurer

“It is so beautiful to, like often with such small things, be able to help so many children and parents or guardians on their way to a better existence. Children with the syndrome of Down deserve the same chances as any other child. With DDSF I have visited schools in Kenya and have seen how bad the circumstances are there and how much hope and improvement the work of Dutch Down Support means."

Sandra Van Duijl – Chairman

“Where are the people with Down syndrome here?” This question of Laurens, our son of now 21 years old with the syndrome of Down made us think at the time. During our trip through Surinam, we met a boy with Down syndrome in Palumeu. As the only one in his village, he didn’t go to school. The teacher didn’t know how to teach him, because he barely spoke."